If you prefer colors other than black and white, it's simple to change using the Zazzle design tool. For instructions to change colors, see below. Ask a girl or boy to prom in style with this personalized promposal mini basketball. Design features a modern calligraphy script typography and customizable message that reads "Lets have a BALL at the PROM! Go with me?" All the text is simple to customize, so it can easily be used for any dance, such as homecoming, winter formal, etc. A cute alternative to a promposal poster or sign, this is an elegant idea that will definitely impress her or him. Perfect for a student athlete or anyone interested in sports. TO CHANGE BACKGROUND COLOR, click "Personalize" or "Personalize this template", then scroll to bottom and choose "Click to customize further." In column on left hand side, choose one of the design areas, either "Panel 1" or "Panel 2." Colors can be changed in both design areas. Then click "Background Color." A menu will appear on the right hand side of the screen. You can choose your color one of three ways: (1) select one of the color squares, (2) enter a hex number, or (3) Select "Custom color picker" and move the dots around until you find one you like. TO CHANGE TEXT COLOR, follow the same process, first clicking each element on left, then choosing color from menu on right. When finished, click "Done."